Our favorite way to get to know our favorite celebrity moms is by watching Vogue's 73 questions videos (hi, Reese! Hey, Blake! What's up, Sarah Jessica?). We decided to add a colorful Bella Tunno twist and introduce our team members. This week we're getting up close and personal with our home show consultant, Jennica.

Hi, Jennica! What are you most excited about these days?
The upcoming holiday season! I love everything about it; the colors, foods, music, and traditions.

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas because it's the one holiday we always get to see all of our family members.

What is your favorite season?

What is the perfect roadtrip?
To a beach, windows down, country music blaring.

What’s a recent hobby you’ve discovered?
Ping pong! My husband bought a table for cheap and we have become pretty competitive at it.

Favorite rainy day activity?
Binge watching an entire series on Netflix.

If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be?
My husband, I'd love to see what his day is like!

If you could have coffee with someone from the past who would it be?
Any of my ancestors, I'd love to get to see them in person and hear their voice.

What’s the best thing that happened this year?
On my third child's 1st birthday, we found out we are expecting baby #4 in January 2016

Who’s your favorite person to follow on Instagram?
Mindy Kaling, she's sarcastic, self deprecating, stylish and hilarious.

Best thing your mom taught you?
Treat others the way you want to be treated.

What is your favorite exercise?
These days, carrying my toddler up and down the stairs. When I'm not pregnant, I love running sprints.

What is the best way to decompress?
When I'm not pregnant, a glass (or two) of wine at the end of the day. These days, a massage and facial.

What is the last book you read?
Tina Fey "Bossypants"

What is your favorite country you’ve ever visited?
St. Martin on our honeymoon.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned about being a mom?
That some days will be easier/better than others but ultimately, your kids will remember the good days and the good times you have together.

Favorite ice cream?
Cherries Jubilee

What makes you smile the most?
Watching my children play together without fighting!

Favorite food?
Any kind of pizza

What was your worst subject in school?
Math, and I'm still awful at it.

Favorite game?
Catch Phrase

Favorite band of all time?
Led Zeppelin

What was the last song you listened to?
Ryan Adams' covers of Taylor Swift's "1989"

Favorite place to shop?
Target. You know the drill, go in for 2 things, come out with 20 plus a coffee from Starbucks and popcorn for the kids. One stop shopping!

What was the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?
When my husband proposed!

Who is your fashion icon?
Kate Middleton, she's so classic and always well put together.

What is your favorite fashion trend of all time?
Tailored clothes! It truly makes such a big difference.

What’s your favorite baby trend?
To me there's nothing cuter than a baby in footie pajamas with a binkie and a blankie.

What did you wear to your prom?
A two piece magenta floor length dress. It was hideous!

Favorite TV show?
Anything on HGTV, especially Fixer Upper and House Hunters.