Today's feature Dad is Mark Cullen. If you're a hockey fan, you'd notice Mark out of the ice. Aside from his professional hockey career, Mark has 3 amazing kids and one amazing story.  Read how Mark "Beat the Odds" here  and now has 3 amazing children.


Mark and his newest addition, Baby Girl Ryane. I think that's a Bella Tunno Burp Cloth sighting!

 1. Tell us about your kids:

Max 3.5 year old; fun, happy, and energetic boy who loves to play sports. His favorites are hockey, baseball, and soccer.

William 2 year old boy. He isn't into sport as much as his big brother. Loves to play with cars and cause mischief.

Ryane 5 month old girl. She is a great baby and we love having a girl in the mix.

2. What has been the biggest shock or surprise since becoming a Dad?

 The dissapearance of freetime. It is totally worth it and I really dont miss it, but its funny how the kids take up all of your freetime

3. What is your favorite activity with your kids?

I love doing anything active and outdoors with the kids. Playing baseball in the yard or playing hockey in the garage are two of my favorites.

4. What has been your best/proudest “Dad Moment” to date?

 So many proud parent moments:

Bringing the boys into the locker room after one of our hockey games.

An unprompted occassion of Max or Will telling me or my wife that they love us.

Watching Max and Will be nice to each other and their sister, and give them things that our 'theirs'.

Watching Max hit baseballs, or watching him skate on the ice.

5. Tell us about the most embarrassing moment with your kids….you know, that “kid’s say or do the darndest things moment.”

There have been a few embarrissing moments with my oldest boy Max. Every time his brother or sister dirties their diaper, he says really loudly "I smell poop." There have been a couple of times where this has happened in public and I get a few funny looks our way. Also, although Max may have outgrown his favorite shirt (sleeveless that is) - he insists on wearing this scooby-doo tank top frequently.

Happy Father's Day!

 - The Bella Bunch