Springtime reminds us of our favorite things - sun showers, flip flops, warmer weather and of course, baby showers! If you are getting ready for the excitement of a new baby yourself, or showering a loved one with everything they need for this next step, browse our gift guide for everything you need for the perfect gift.

Pacifier Clips - $8

Keep those pacifiers close. Our Pacifier Clips are perfect for boys and girls. For girls, we recommend the Hot-to-Dot Prep/Petite Pink Dot Pacifier Clip with adorable pink and white polka dots. For the boys, we love the Zigzag Dash/Honeycomb Aqua Dot Pacifier Clip in aqua, green and blue. If the sex will be a surprise, the Honeycomb Yellow Dot/Small Grey Rugby Pacifier is as darling as it is neutral.

Happy Knees - $14

To keep the constantly crawling baby’s knees protected, we love Happy Knees on the legs to keep their knees unscathed. For the girls, we like Rainbow Ring Pop to give them a cute POP! of color while for the boys we prefer the color combinations of Salt Water Taffy. To keep it gender neutral, we love the red, white, blue and black combo of the Firecracker Pop.

Poetic Plush - $32

To give the baby comfort in the form of a keepsake stuffed animal, our Poetic Plush collection will give you sage words of wisdom without breaking the bank. With its adorable floppy ears and pink accents, we recommend the Dream Bunny Poetic Plush. For the boys, the Faith Dog Poetic Plush is endearing with it’s turquoise eye spot and navy blue stripes..

Diaper Bag - $85

Want to spoil the mom-to-be? Give her our Classic Canvas Diaper Bag in Grey Stripe Peplum, Navy Stripe, or Gold Metallic Stripe for the mom’s of girls, boys and the surprise.

Whether it’s for boys, girls or it’s a surprise, you can't go wrong with one-of-a-kind gifts!

Quick Shop Guide:

Gifts for Girls

$8 - Hot Pink Pacifier Clip

$14 - Happy Knees - Rainbow

$32 - Dream Bunny Poetic Plush

$85 - Diaper Bag, Gray Stripe

Gifts for Boys

$8 - Zig Zag Pacifier Clip

$14 - Happy Knees - Saltwater Taffy

$32 - Faith Dog Poetic Plush

$85 - Diaper Bag, Navy Stripe

Not Finding Out

$8 - Orange Pacifier Clip

$32 - Hippo Poetic Plush

$85 - Diaper Bag, Metallic Stripe