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About Bella Tunno

I started Bella Tunno after my brother passed away at the age of 30. I was 27 at the time it became instantly clear that life is meant to be lived to the fullest...every moment celebrated. I realized that beige is for walls, not people. From that moment, I chose to DO BETTER, LIVE BRIGHTER and LOVE BIGGER. Life should be COLORFUL and Bella Tunno is a physical extension of all of these beliefs.

I launched Bella Tunno in my brother's honor and we are committed to donating a portion of each sale to the Make a Difference Fund we erected to commemorate him. To date, we've added rooms to rescue missions, given unwed teen moms college scholarships and in 2014, launched our BIG Initiative where we fed over 180,000 meals to hungry Americans. (That's almost the population of Salt Lake City, UT!)

We do it all through these colorful little products that are each DESIGNED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Our products are clever, colorful and full of personality- just like every child. As parents, we're not raising wallflowers. Our babies are born to be leaders and world-changers. They are born to SHINE brighter than the biggest star! We feel the same way about our products. Every bib, bag and blanket is bright and beautiful, each one designed with a bigger purpose to make a difference in someone's life.

So, it's 10 years later and we're still fully committed to the same founding beliefs. A lot of things have changed - the office is no longer in my bonus room and the factory is no longer just me, my husband and a sewing machine. We've grown into a market leading baby accessories powerhouse built on colorful products, a commitment to charity and the core belief that BRIGHTER IS ALWAYS BETTER! But some things will never change — our mission to help others and to celebrate each and every child is still firmly planted. We're all born to be bright and designed to make a difference! That's something worth celebrating!

Keep it colorful,